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T191 Vehicles Contract

Please Read Carefully Before Viewing T191 Vehicles Contract:

The contract ending date can be misleading if you do not understand the terms and conditions.  This contract is for Model Year Only and the manufacturer determines the actual ending date.  Delivery dates are estimates only.  Dealers do not have control over production schedules. 

Click here to view Entire Contract - T191 - VEHICLES

Vehicle Policy and Forms

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Below is an outline of all the alternative fuel vehicles awarded on contract T191 -
Please view the entire contract for terms and conditions, vendor information, complete specifications.


Listing of Vehicles awarded on Contract T191
Line #
Model Unit Price Vendor Mfr.
4012423 00001 070-09-086421 Ford Fiesta 15,131.50 Long-Lewis  
4012424 00003 070-09-086423 Hyundai Elantra GLS 14,258.00 Capitol Hyundai
4012425 00004 070-07-080955 Ford Fusion 17,648.00 Stivers  
4012423 00008 070-96-086429 Ford Explorer 2WD 23,470.50 Long-Lewis  
4012423 00009 070-96-086426 Ford Explorer 4WD 25,276.50 Long-Lewis  
4012707 00026 070-93-086313 Ford Transit Connect Wagon XLT 21,177.00 Ben Atkinson
4012707 00032 070-92-057731 Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van XL 18,819.00 Ben Atkinson  
01000 070-07-081289 Vehicle Options Dealer Cost All Vendors

* Note
  Even though the dealer is unable to take orders after the manufacturer’s close-out date it might benefit you to check with the dealer to see if they have a vehicle in stock.

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